These terms and conditions shall apply to all transactions between IE Global as Seller (The Seller) and (The Customer) unless otherwise agreed to by both parties in writing.

All orders shall be placed by the customer to the seller in writing by post, telefax or email and once accepted by the seller no other variations thereof may be made be made without written consent from the seller first being obtained.

All orders from the customer shall be processed in order of receipt.

The seller will not be held responsible for the completion of transport / courier documents.

The seller shall not be liable for any claim for loss or damages whatsoever, including consequential damages, however arising whether as a result of breach of contract or arising in defect or whether as a result of any act of omission or negligence on the part of the seller, its agents.

In the event that any goods delivered being defective and the seller accepts that this is so then:
1) Such goods shall be returned to the seller within thirty days of such acceptance.
2) The seller shall in its discretion be entitled to either replace or give the customer a credit note there for.
3) Customer may be held liable for a handling fee.

No branded goods will under any circumstances be returnable, after the customer has signed the digital proof and given consent to go ahead with the printing.

All printing orders are subject to the terms and conditions specifically relating thereof which are obtainable from the seller on request.
The seller does not warrant that the goods sold by them to the customer shall be suitable for the purposes contemplated.

Ownership of all goods sold by the seller to the customer shall remain vested in the seller until such goods are paid for.

The customer shall be liable for all legal costs incurred by the seller in enforcing its right in terms hereof on the attorney and client scale.

Payment for all goods sold by the seller to the customer shall be effected in the following manner and subject to the terms set out hereunder:
Electronic fund transfers goods will only be released once payment reflects on the seller’s   bank account.
Bank cheques are not to be deposited but are to be taken to the sellers office for verification   as depositing of these cheques will result in the funds having to be cleared into the sellers account before goods can be released.
Cash deposits are to be deposited into the seller’s account, after which the customer will have to wait until the following day before releasing the goods. The customer’s account number, invoice number, and customers name should be indicated on all payment or deposit slips.

The seller will as its discretion be entitled to institute action out of the magistrate 's court in terms of section 45 of act 32 of 1994 or any amendment thereof in respect of all matters arising out of this agreement.

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